Rimbey Fish and Game Association -
Welcome to Open Creek Dam Campground!

Big Fish @ Open Creek
Open: May-September
Reservations: Starting Feb 19, 2019

Call (403) 843-6931 to make and cancel reservations. If no one answers, please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. E-Mail is not accepted for reservations and/or cancellations.

Camping Fees: $23 per night per unit
Seniors Rate: Mon-Wed $18; Th-Sun $23
RFGA Member Rate: $18 per night

Wondering about fire bans?Please view this website to get the most up to date information: https://www.albertafirebans.ca/

Directions: Open Creek Dam Campground is located 32 km West of Rimbey along Hwy. 53.

Payment: For campground fees, we prefer payment via credit card or debit card. A cancellation notice of 72 hours is requested to ensure we can provide the spot to another camper. 

Camping Units: 54 of all size sites, tent only sites, as well as several group sites (NO hookups).

Open Creek Dam Campground offers the following:
Site Amenities for Basic Camping/No Hookups, Group Campsites, Day-Use Areas, Caretaker on-site, Locked entry gate at night, Clean Bathrooms, Picnic Shelter with stove, Water-Pump with fresh cold spring water, Wheelchair Access, Boat Launches, Canoeing, Kayaking, Boats with electric motors allowed, Horseshoe pits, Playgrounds, Fire pits, Firewood (for purchase), Picnic Tables, Sani-Dump, Hiking Trails and lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. 
Boating: NO Gas Motors allowed.

Horses and Off Highway Vehicles: There are NO horses or Off Highway Vehicles allowed on the premises of Open Creek Dam Campground. 
Fishing, Whirling Disease and Open Creek Dam
Unfortunately Open Creek Reservoir appears to have been infected with Whirling disease three years ago when we received our annual supply of rainbow trout for stocking. This happened to a number of ponds in Alberta, the supplier brought in infected trout.Their trout were distributed to several hundred locations and as a result of this, the Alberta Government has set up a Whirling disease committee to figure out what should be done. Their plan involves many aspects and to see their full plan, you can visit https://www.alberta.ca/whirling-disease.aspx. This site includes a fair bit of information and links to other sites such as a map of where the disease has been found in Alberta. A very good Youtube video with more information is also available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-1UFcQu20Y.

Future plans for Open Creek Dam Fishing
Some fish in our pond tested positive for whirling disease from samples taken the summer of 2016. In the summer of 2018 the biologists took samples of the lake sediment in several locations to look for presence of the disease as well as presence of the Tubifex tubifex, worm which is the intermediate host of the disease. They found the worm in the sediment which means the life cycle of the parasite can be maintained in our pond (unfortunately). They did not find any evidence of the parasite spores in the sediment. They are also testing these worms to determine if any of them became infected by the parasite. Those test results have not yet been completed. There are no trout left in the pond due to the complete winter kill of 2017/18. There may be a few suckers and perch but definitely no trout in the pond for this summer.   We are very saddened by this fact but alas that is the case.  
The Whirling Disease Committee has determined that another test must be conducted in the pond before any fish can be planted in it. They have initiated a project to work with the Rimbey Fish and Game which will see approximately 500 small trout placed in cages in several locations around the lake. These fish will be looked after by the Provincial biologists in conjunction with the Rimbey Fish and Game. The locations of the cages will be clearly marked and signage will be abundant around the lake. The plan is to place them in the Pond as early as possible and leave them there until August. At this time, they then will be taken out and all tested. Fish that die earlier will be removed and tested.
You are welcome to paddle your canoes and kayaks around the lake but please do not disturb the clearly marked fish cages.
If things go well we may be able to stock for the summer of 2020. 
We thank you for your patience well we work through this, and hope that you can continue to enjoy a beautiful summer at Open Creek Campground. 

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